Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Discussion on smallpox seal oil the effect how? Essential oils than other drug treatment effect whether well or not? This method can be used?

To scar oil has inhibiting cell mutation effect, can effectively prevent scar connective tissue within the Minister of new capillaries and nerve fiber cell variation in activity, effectively reduce the scar extended range.
Softening of scar connective function, hyaluronic acid and silica gel collagen has softened and alleviate the formation of scar tissue function, can penetrate the dermis, softening instead of normal skin structure of the connective tissue.
Repairing liquid is the extraction of natural plant essence, can penetrate the skin epidermis cells. Accelerate the new supersedes the old., suction and discharge of scar tissue, and the pigment cells to regenerate, return to normal skin. In S-Ca activation of the enzyme as the representative of the effective ingredients to promote blood circulation, enhance the epidermal cells of the new supersedes the old. Current function, can effectively direct the damaged skin, tissue damage skin pigment variation, ultimately achieve balance impaired pigment purpose.
Leech, house lizard and other effective components increase cell activity, promote cell regeneration function, can profoundly impaired dermal, accelerate the secretion of collagen fibers to the growth of stem cells to repair the defect of the dermis,

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